Kissie Goodwin, Emily Thomas and HMP Isis – Awards to ward off critique

“Smile and others will smile back. Smile to show how transparent, how candid you are. Smile if you have nothing to say. Most of all, do not hide the fact you have nothing to say nor your total indifference to others. Let this emptiness, this profound indifference shine out spontaneously in your smile.”

― Jean Baudrillard

“Prison officer [Kissie Goodwin] from Greenwich’s Isis prison wins national ward for rehabilitation work” Image Courtesy Of: News Shopper
Lo and behold, Kissie Goodwin, senior officer at HMP Isis, has “won a Prison Officer of the Year award for her efforts in rehabilitating prisoners.” I’ve written about Goodwin here, where I called her a little Eichmann. This “award” (or “ward”) is a direct public relations response to my analysis of Goodwin (an article that received thousands of views).

I wrote:

Whilst I was at HMP ISIS, a London prison, I encountered a particularly ‘cheerful’ senior officer, Kissie Goodwin. Exemplifying Eichmann’s ‘I have never been discourteous to a Jew,’ Goodwin epitomizes contemporary formulations of Eichmann Syndrome. Eichmann Syndrome is, among its other features, first and foremost the inability to think beyond limited operations assigned; it is, in essence, more than ‘I was just following orders;’ rather it encompasses an unthinking enthusiasm for administrative terror, whilst (unconsciously) hiding the role it plays in causing terror, anguish and subjugation. Goodwin’s excessively positive attitude, an already troubling sign considering her job, involved giving regular prison tours to magistrates whereby ‘ideal’ prisoners were ‘displayed.’ Relishing her role as punishing-savior, reforming-through-care these poor souls, bending up naughty offenders (‘boys’), rewarding the successfully reformed (‘ready for open conditions’ as she’d note), wearing Christmas sweaters during the holiday period, attempts to creepily normalize/naturalize and Disney/Deify her role in caging people provides an excellent individual case study in Eichmann Syndrome as it operates now … Goodwin’s personality defects aside, her three-stripes (Commanding Officer), her ironically hipster glasses (fashionable oppression), her attempts at Mickey Mouse incarceration, her duplicity comes nowhere near to that of her superior, Emily Thomas, Governing Governor.”

Yes, Emily Thomas nominated Goodwin for the award, stating “Kissie has illustrated an innovative and creative nature with many great ideas but also the ability to deliver on them.” Quite right, innovative and creative ways of torturing the poor souls she has no problem locking up everyday, as a part of her ability to “genuinely embody a rehabilitative culture … with the power [and] enthusiasm [to] bring it to life in a prison.”

I recall when I collapsed in the library, another attempt to secure some type of medical attention, Goodwin arrived (her office is near the library). For a half an hour, while we waited for the paramedics to arrive, she made snarky comments about how I looked like a conceptual art exhibition, laying there on the floor, and how she had so much work to do. Why did you have to collapse today. Laugh, laugh, laugh again. Repeat. Smile. Laugh. Afterwards, every time she brought a load of magistrates and visitors to the library she’d mock the day I collapsed. She’d reveal personal medical history in front of these visitors, who looked on nervously. Smile. Laugh. Smile. I have seen her launch at a prisoner trying to get a mobile phone during a visit, jump on top of him and wrench his arms back while other guards held him still. Nothing is more terrifying than a smiling sadist, who consciously believes they are helping you, yet the modern ‘reformed’ prison service in England and Wales (among other Western nations) encourages such ‘progressive’ and ‘forward-thinking’ enlightened torture. Let us be clear, caging people en masse is personal, familial and social torture.

Why not call HMP Isis and let them know Kissie Goodwin has been nominated for the Smiling Sadist Award of the Year by Tony Cochran? I am ready to send her Discipline and Punish by Michel Foucault as the award; the only question remains: would she understand it? Smile.



  1. Interesting blog, also interesting that not once do you mention the reason you are in prison, because you scammed and blackmailed innocent people and set up fake charity fundraisers for political causes and took the money for yourself. Of course, the real evil is capitalism and the evil prison system and corporations. You shouldn’t be held accountable for your actions and lies and attempted blackmail and scamming, because you’re a good person in a corrupt system. People can google your name and find the relevant articles. There is definitely a narcissist here, and it’s you, who thinks you can steal and break the law, hurt innocent people, and don’t deserve punishment.


    • I highly suspect you are intimately connected with the complainant in this case. Actually, I was convicted of Blackmail, and my case had nothing to do with fundraising, which was widely misreported in the media. As for the Blackmail charge, the reason it doesn’t stand is clear: the complainant actually engaged in inappropriate sexual advances (touching my penis, for example). Asking for compensation is not Blackmail. Are you defending a system that imprisons low-level drug offenders, fraudsters, etc. and yet pays Tony Blair and George Bush handsomely for genocide? Whatever your intentions, if you are not moved by the stories of people imprisoned, then I can only say you have no soul. And I think I know you well enough to say that. (From your statement here, of course)


    • I find it frightening that (whoever you are), you hide behind my dead father-in-law’s name. If you are the complainant, I suggest you seek mental health treatment.


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