A Pale Insurrection

T’was marching white lines of code,

from Individual-1’s fading white abode,

from whence, white they, or white them, or white it, came striding cross green grass,

waves, bottles of blistering white fear, white hatred, pale malcontents bestrode,

breaching democracy’s neoclassical rationalism, a white building & coequal


trees–Joshua trees, wild palms, pines–all rustle in faint-to-heavy winter winds from climes of heat to climes of sleet–

& underneath

the white cries of white wrongs arrested.

Trees watch indifferently over Alabama house of Lonnie Coffman, arrested for participating in 01/06’s insurrectionist riot, Image Courtesy WAAY31ABC (article here)

*Featured Image Courtesy of The Washington Post, “The pro-Trump media world peddled the lies that fueled the capitol mob. Fox News led the way.”

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